I finished this wonderful book over the Easter weekend. It is a beautiful read, with engaging characters and a compelling storyline. It’s 1919, and Henrietta’s family is falling apart after the death of her brother. Not only must Hen come to terms with her own grief, but in the absence of her father, it’s up to her to protect her depressed mother and baby sister from the clutches of the evil Dr Hardy. To do so, she must solve some disturbing mysteries – and be braver than she’s ever been before.
Hen is an intriguing and inspiring heroine, bravely battling self-doubt to do the best for her family. She felt very real, as did the wonderful Piglet and fragile Mama. The story is told from Hen’s point of view, and I especially loved the frequent references she makes to her favourite books and fairy tales. A love of books is woven throughout the story, and their importance to Hen – as a means of escape, source of bravery, or route to face difficult truths and find healing – warms every page.

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